Candice is a lifestyle label founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.

Born as a platform to create and experiment, Candice follows the path of an endless adventure - exploring the various themes and ideas that reflect the brands ethos and its curiosity in a diverse range of subjects and cultures. While giving nods personal experiences and pleasures, the label strives to create pieces for people to express themselves, their lifestyle and their personalities in.

Candice places a heavy emphasis on its loud and captivating attitude through its graphic-led approach while maintaining a clean parallel aesthetic through everyday wearables. Beyond the products, the label highlights its enjoyment of the entire process - creating visual stimulation for anyone along for the ride. Promoting an inclusive environment, the label builds a community around the brand and its values and welcomes all to be a part of the journey. 

Candice is a platform to create, explore and enjoy all ideas with all people.