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Select Sounds 009 - 'Candice at the Movies'

Welcome to the new Select Sounds edition - featuring a compilation of film scores and soundtracks brought together for your ears to experience. Recline yourself in that comfy chair, listen and enjoy.

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Select Sounds 008 - 'Passion'

New Select Sounds playlist, made specially for LOVE DAY. A curation of tracks to take your emotions from happiness to sadness, and everything inbetween. Crack a bottle and get deep widdit.

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Select Sounds 007 - 'Summer Sequence'

It's been a long time between drinks... but our 7th edition of Select Sounds is here, hot and ready to melt some ears. A little curation of what's been guiding us through Summer. Grab yourself a cold marg and get go widdit. RIP DOOM <3

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Select Sounds 006 - 'Homebound'

The newest edition of Select Sounds features a spirit lifting fusion of R&B, soul, house, disco, funk & new wave. A mix of what we at Candice have been listening to lately to get us through the second half of lockdown in Melbourne. Will pair nicely with a drop of fine Pinot.

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Select Sounds 005 - 'Afterlife'

The fifth installment of Select Sounds is here and packed with a smooth blend of foreign funk, house beats and hip-hop to get you up and poppin. Poor yourself a lil sumthin and get down.

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Select Sounds 004 - 'Sunbeams'

The fourth edition of Select Sounds features a collection of smooth house to lift your soul out of isolation. Get off your ass and groove the fuck out.

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Select Sounds 003 - 'Westside Vibrate'

This instalment of  Select Sounds is tribute and throwback west coast rap music. It features a bouncing mix of G-funk and 90's to early 2000's RnB, with sounds from the familiar OG's as well as new artists. *WARNING* May cause 2 steppin'.

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Select Sounds 002 - 'Rejuvenation'

This second instalment of of Select Sounds features a spicy mix of soul favourites and local rhythms. Rejuvenate your spirit with this uplifting collection of love jams. Stretch the legs out and get down for a solo groove session.

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Select Sounds 001 - 'Isolation'

A curation of sounds to allow your mind to momentarily wander away from the current world climate. A soothing fusion of funk, hip hop and soul for you to kick back and zone out to.

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