We've just released the second instalment of Candice Radio. Our friends at Navy Blue Radio have put together a nice 2HR mix for us with lots of soulful percussive numbers, foot tapping funk and dabs of darker pensive tracks.

We caught up with Folarin and Langai to have a quick chat about the mix, music and other things.

Enjoy. X

1. What inspired the mix? 

Langai: The tempos of the songs we put in this mix are what I’ve been exploring either through my own production and playing with Folarin on radio as well as gigs that we do together. I love anything with a nice groove be it uplifting or darker, intense moments alongside percussive cut throughs and dialogue in music be it educative exploring blackness or just about having a fun time. 

Folarin: For me I think it was just based on the moment. There was an alignment and a moment for ease of expression. Felt like we just leaned into capturing that moment irrespective of the sound direction. 

2. What are the roots of Navy Blue? 

Langai: Exploration of sound and not being boxed into a genre. If anything showing the lineage between all these styles of music. 

Folarin: The original name NavyBlue or NavyBlueBoy came from my connection to the colour. The roots however of NavyBlueRadio lie more in having an opportunity for a show on Skylab. Langai and I, in a short space of time we found we shared very similar interests, humour, and values. NavyBlueRadio felt right as a duo of us two. 

3. Favourite food? 

Langai: Nshima with Kapenta in a tomato stew with some greens. S/o mummy. 

Folarin: Always changes but typically fluctuates between a Salmon Poke Bowl or Yam with Beans, Plantain and Fish Stew.

4. Do you have any other creative outlets? 

Langai: I’ve been a beat maker since I was a teenager which has taken different forms in sound and aliases, that has been my main outlet for over 10 years. 

Folarin: I enjoy a bit of Graphic Design, Event Curation, Music Making… 

5. Where did the name come from? 

Langai: Gotta ask my guy Flo! However, Navy Blue is a deep colour, a colour that actually has followed me throughout my whole life through school uniforms etc and we like to dig deep. 

Folarin: It’s my favourite colour and to me it possesses this deeply moody and mystic aspect area of existence. Reminds me of being Yoruba, reminds me of the ocean, sky at night. 

6. What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe? 

Langai: I’ve got this Carhartt x Stussy Tommy Boy workwear jacket its proper! 

Folarin: I’m loving my Olive green and greyish white crocheted hat made by my friend Rachel as birthday gift and my black nudie Rad rufus jeans. It just seems to go with everything and still maintain a different look each time. I like when a piece is so simple and still so versatile. 

7. Favourite colour? 

Folarin: Haha 

Langai: Pretty hard but most colours that are grounded, browns, greens, blues... that’s like three I can’t give you 1. 

8. Any other local DJs to keep an eye on? 

Langai: Me & Folarin have played with Dexter a few times and man I really like the selections he chooses. He doesn’t DJ all the time but when he does it’s a treat and love that he explores that in his own time. 

Folarin: Dexter Bonet, Olson, Felipe Tocco, Samair, Wallace C, Tribqu Family of course.

You can listen to the new mix here.
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