At Candice we continually endeavour to create all our pieces with love, care and high quality craftsmanship. 

We have a supply network and partnerships with factories in various countries whom we communicate with regularly and absolutely love working with. As with all of our producers, we have a shared aspiration and understanding of very high standard working conditions, being great people and creating premium quality, highly functional products. 

We are continually striving to create garments in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way, limiting any negative impact on the world where possible. Currently we are producing the majority of our garments and other products in countries such as China, Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Portugal, Germany and USA.

95% of our products are still screen printed and embroidered locally in Moorabbin and Box Hill, Melbourne. We have developed a great relationship with both of these factories over the past few years and love working with them and their teams.

Our screen printing factory has taken big steps to keep ahead of high environmental and ethical standard, implementing citrus-based cleaning systems, removal of all harsh chemicals for their workers and have been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

We believe in slow fashion and aim to create long-lasting, premium quality products you can wear for years to come.

By producing quantities of each garment as low as possible we are aiming to reduce wastage and eliminate deadstock. This allows us to work with smaller family-run and community-style factories accross the world and help us develop better working relationships, friendships and have greater access to see how the factory is run and keep up to date with working conditions and quality practice.

Our largest current partner factory is based in Guangzhou, China where the majority of our cut n sew garments are created. Our account manager, Simon is our main communication point between designing a garment through to final production and we keep in contact throughout the entire process to ensure everything is made to a high standard.

For printing and finishing, our great friends and partner factory based in Melbourne, Australia is run by Gavin and Saul - these guys produce some of the highest quality screen printing in the country with their team, using all USA made inks.