While UK rapper Oscar #Worldpeace was in town for his show, we teamed up with him and the Tribqu crew to host a pop-up event with some collab merch, vinyls and a live set from Oscar on the night.

Before his flight home we had the UK hip-hop artist drop by the studio to check out the space, try on some pieces from our upcoming collection and chat about all things #Worldpeace. Here's a recap of our chat with him:

How’s your travels to Melbourne been so far? What have you been getting up to? 
Melbournes been great. Reminds me of London a lot, just got better weather. It’s been super productive so far, I’ve been shooting a video, had the pop up and a show. Really enjoying myself.


What’s your favourite food? And your favourite meal you’ve had since you’ve been here?
My favourite food is either Caribbean or west African food. Rice and peas with stew chicken, jollof rice with stew. My favourite meal here has been a dish called “ful masri” it’s a Sudanese meal. First time trying Sudanese food too. Proper flavours.

What do you do for fun outside music?
I play FIFA, I enjoy ultimate team. If not I’m watching the football, I’m a big Spurs fan or boxing. 

One place we should visit/go to when we’re in London?
“Juicy Roots” it’s a great Jamaican spot in Tottenham, North London. Great food, great service .

What’s your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is Black. I know people say it’s more a shade but yeah that’s my favourite colour 

Favourite clothing piece in your wardrobe right now?
I’ve got this white shirt that I bought in Paris last year for 5€. I’ve worn in once, but I love it.

What’s install for you for 2024?
My mixtape comes out April this year. It’s called “Mum, Pray for Your Son”. I hope to get back out to Australia again for tour for the end of the year.


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