We believe running a brand with a sustainable vision is the only way. All our products are created in small batches - which while more costly, helps eliminate potential wastage, deadstock or over-consumption. We are not here to make as much money as we can. By working in lower quantities, we are able to work with smaller, more community-style factories that are happy to produce less items and enjoy better work conditions and quality of life.

Candice believes in slow fashion. Creating high quality, long lasting items you can have for many years is important to us. Memories, experiences and stories are attached to long lasting items if you have your favourite pieces for years.

The longer a garment lasts, the less we will contribute to landfill and negative environmental impact.



Since our inception in 2020, operating our label in an ethically conscious manner has always been at the forefront of our values. Candice is a project of exploration at its core, but running our brand with high ethical standards has always been the only path. We want to stress that in saying this we are not merely trying to hop aboard a trend, we recognise and celebrate the growing awareness among consumers, which is amazing. But we want to emphasise that our intention is not to capitalise on a trend or simply enhance our product's value. We have no interest in creating cheap products to sell in high numbers at inflated prices.



Our cut and sew garments and headwear pieces are crafted in two carefully selected factories in Asia. These factories specialise in small-batch production and are operated by small, skilled teams with whom we have developed close relationships. Both factories have been surveyed and meet our standards and share our vision for creating high-quality products. At Candice, we believe in the ethos of slow fashion, crafting garments that are built to last and be cherished by our customers for years to come.

Some of our screen-printed products are proudly produced here in Melbourne, Australia. We have a longstanding and fantastic relationship with our printing team, who share our unwavering commitment to high standards and have been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.